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Go Welly!


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Climate & Ecosystems

Explore more of my local neighbourhood.

Goal is to get physical exercise and explore new areas, either walking or biking, but can't commit to daily activity on this.


Climate & Ecosystems

Take small steps each day toward planting a small vegetable garden.

I will create a new vegetable garden in my yard. Goal is to produce food and reduce area under grass, I've done vegetable gardening on a tiny scale before and want to do more of it. I will take small steps every day, including planning the layout and choosing the veggies to grow.


Climate & Ecosystems

Watch a Documentary About Climate Change or Nature

SDG 13, 14, 15

I will watch 3 documentaries about climate change.


Climate & Ecosystems

Ecological & Xeriscape Gardening

SDG 14, 15

Studies show a grass lawn is water intensive and on average it require about 30 percent of a household’s water consumption. I will do one or more of the following actions in my yard or community to conserve water and improve habitat: plant indigenous plants, landscape with water-efficient plants, add mulching, replace a lawn, and/or use eco-friendly fertilizers.


Climate & Ecosystems

Support Local Pollinators

SDG 15

At least 30% of crops and 90% of flowering plants rely on pollinators to produce fruit. I will plant pollinator-friendly plants in my area to support local pollinators.


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    Climate & Ecosystems Ecological & Xeriscape Gardening
    What ecological or xeriscape landscaping practices do you have? How has your landscape changed from these practices?

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    Susan Healey 4/28/2023 6:02 AM
    2 rain barrels for watering garden; added more drought tolerant plants; heavy use of mulch. Gardens are looking great :)

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    Susan Healey 4/24/2023 6:14 AM
    Someone posted a note about possible seed-sharing, which I can't seem to find now. It is a great idea - I've done veggie seeds/seedlings on a small scale in the past, but didn't have the time this year. My daughter did more than she needs and will give me some - I'll think about saving seeds for next year. On this topic, Vandana Shiva, based in India, has been talking about and doing seed-saving/seed sharing for many years, largely in response to the corporate takeover of this essential livelihood strategy. See The Seeds of Vandana Shiva - A documentary film ( She is amazing and a true inspiration :)

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    Susan Healey 4/24/2023 5:53 AM
    Really interesting interview with a German forestry expert (Peter Wohlleben) who has written a lot about the importance of forests/trees. He became known for the book The Hidden LIfe of Trees which I have yet to read bit it's on my list.

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    Susan Healey 4/24/2023 5:48 AM
    Took a 45 minute walk in a different neighbourhood close to mine - really enjoyed looking at the gardens that are coming out of the winter doldrums. Being a long time gardener myself, I've noticed that more and more people are taking an interest.

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    Susan Healey 4/17/2023 12:44 PM
    I just started this challenge but am a committed environmentalist. Have expanded my perennial gardens in recent years, I continually try to purchase only sustainable seafood (e.g. MSC certified), walk or take the bus to work (not everyone can do this), and use my car only when necessary.

    • Karen Chisholme's avatar
      Karen Chisholme 4/18/2023 1:30 PM
      I wonder if there is any interest to have a corporate plant/seed exchange? Let me know what you think!