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Collective impact at its best. Explore all participating organizations and their associated teams below.

RANK: 1 NAME: Emerson TEAMS: Gloo, Midwest Engineering and Solutions Center (MESC), Emerson Nilai Malaysia, wcftec, PRITHVI, and 104 more teams TEAMMATES: 4214 TOTAL POINTS: 1189550  
RANK: 2 NAME: Deloitte TEAMS: Climate Warriors, H2O, APCQ, CAMs, NFIP, and 232 more teams TEAMMATES: 3026 TOTAL POINTS: 336999  
RANK: 3 NAME: WSP USA TEAMS: WSP USA West Region, WSP USA Central Region, WSP USA Northeast Region, WSP USA Southeast Region TEAMMATES: 622 TOTAL POINTS: 120282  
RANK: 4 NAME: The ODP Corporation TEAMS: SOMOS ARG, LGBTQ+ and YP ARG, Men Of Color ARG, SustainABILITY ARG, Office Depot STAND ARG, and 2 more teams TEAMMATES: 133 TOTAL POINTS: 85116  
RANK: 5 NAME: Starbucks TEAMS: Givers, Region 6, SBUX D353, Starbucks, Team Laval, and 16 more teams TEAMMATES: 441 TOTAL POINTS: 66253  
RANK: 6 NAME: TEAMS: Community Team TEAMMATES: 985 TOTAL POINTS: 65910  
RANK: 7 NAME: Slalom TEAMS: Slalom, Slalom Austin, Slalom Denver, Slalom London, Slalom Philly, and 6 more teams TEAMMATES: 256 TOTAL POINTS: 48481  
RANK: 8 NAME: HP Inc. TEAMS: SMILE, HP CSH, HP India, HP Canada, HPMM Penang, and 7 more teams TEAMMATES: 242 TOTAL POINTS: 47667  
RANK: 9 NAME: Kohler Co. TEAMS: SKE, Bela, Kohler Co., Kohler Andradas, Teammate Community Team TEAMMATES: 268 TOTAL POINTS: 32866  
RANK: 10 NAME: John Abbott College TEAMS: JAC Sustainability TEAMMATES: 152 TOTAL POINTS: 32305  
RANK: 11 NAME: Comerica Bank TEAMS: Comerica Texas Ecochallenge Team, Comerica Michigan Ecochallenge Team, Comerica California Ecochallenge Team, Comerica Other Markets Ecochallenge Team TEAMMATES: 134 TOTAL POINTS: 29462  
RANK: 12 NAME: U.S. Bank TEAMS: U.S. Bank, MINNEco Team, U.S. Bank & Elavon Team Europe TEAMMATES: 235 TOTAL POINTS: 29248  
RANK: 13 NAME: Alliance Technical Group TEAMS: The Red Team, The Alliance Blue Team, The Green Team, The Alliance Yellow Team TEAMMATES: 107 TOTAL POINTS: 25633  
RANK: 14 NAME: Arch Capital Group TEAMS: Team Arch TEAMMATES: 103 TOTAL POINTS: 22304  
RANK: 15 NAME: Kitsap Bank TEAMS: Kitsap Bank | K-BEE Stewards TEAMMATES: 55 TOTAL POINTS: 22042  
RANK: 16 NAME: CLEAResult Consulting, Inc. TEAMS: CLEAResult Consulting TEAMMATES: 112 TOTAL POINTS: 21108  
RANK: 17 NAME: Shreveport Aquarium TEAMS: Shreveport Conservation Krewe TEAMMATES: 41 TOTAL POINTS: 20590  
RANK: 18 NAME: ECOS TEAMS: Lacey Lavenders, Greece Grapefruits, Parsippany Parsleys, Addison Orange Blossoms, Cypress Magnolias & Lilies TEAMMATES: 43 TOTAL POINTS: 19454  
RANK: 19 NAME: Organization TEAMS: Wyld, CarGurus, Drive Less(we), Team Brinkman TEAMMATES: 110 TOTAL POINTS: 19385  
RANK: 21 NAME: Think Green Resource Group TEAMS: Think Green TEAMMATES: 82 TOTAL POINTS: 17682  
RANK: 22 NAME: SUNY Adirondack TEAMS: ADK Bella, Bee Green, Let's Do This, ADK Gaming Club, Wise's Earth Warriors TEAMMATES: 23 TOTAL POINTS: 17590  
RANK: 23 NAME: Parsons TEAMS: PWR, PRIDE, BELONG, HOLA -EBRG, e-toastmasters, and 7 more teams TEAMMATES: 100 TOTAL POINTS: 16955  
RANK: 24 NAME: Woodard & Curran TEAMS: Woodard & Curran: Team Air, Woodard & Curran: Team Fire, Woodard & Curran: Team Wood, Woodard & Curran: Team Earth, Woodard & Curran: Team Water TEAMMATES: 127 TOTAL POINTS: 16942  
RANK: 25 NAME: Voya TEAMS: The Hive, Change2Sustain, Ninja Saviours, Miracle Workers, Enterprise Data Mgmt., and 3 more teams TEAMMATES: 68 TOTAL POINTS: 16225  
RANK: 26 NAME: AspenTech TEAMS: AspenTech TEAMMATES: 95 TOTAL POINTS: 15134  
RANK: 27 NAME: Heartland Community College TEAMS: Heartland Community College TEAMMATES: 62 TOTAL POINTS: 15005  
RANK: 28 NAME: Siemens Mexico, Central America & Caribbean TEAMS: Siemens Mexico, Central America & Caribbean TEAMMATES: 62 TOTAL POINTS: 13486  
RANK: 29 NAME: County of Wellington TEAMS: Go Welly! TEAMMATES: 75 TOTAL POINTS: 12856  
RANK: 30 NAME: Portland Community College TEAMS: ESR140, PCC Sociology TEAMMATES: 45 TOTAL POINTS: 11860